What Causes CYA to Drop in Pools?

What Causes CYA to Drop in Pools?

CYA, or Cyanuric Acid, can drop in pools due to several reasons:

  1. Dilution: If you add water to your pool, or it rains heavily, the CYA levels can drop due to dilution.
  2. Backwashing: If you backwash your pool filter too often, it can remove some of the CYA from the pool.
  3. Splash out: If people are jumping or playing in the pool, water can splash out, reducing the amount of CYA in the pool.
  4. Sunlight: CYA can break down over time when exposed to direct sunlight. This is a slow process but can cause the levels to drop over time.
  5. Microbial activity: Bacteria and other microorganisms in the pool can consume CYA as a food source, causing the levels to drop.

It’s important to maintain appropriate CYA levels in your pool, as low levels can lead to faster chlorine depletion and less effective sanitization, while high levels can lead to cloudy water and can interfere with the effectiveness of chlorine.

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