Do I Need to Remove Snow from My Safety Cover?

Do I Need to Remove Snow from My Safety Cover?

Yes, it is recommended to remove snow from pool safety covers. Snow accumulation can add a significant amount of weight to the cover, causing it to stretch and potentially tear. In addition, the weight of the snow can pull the cover down and compromise its ability to keep people and animals out of the pool.

Removing snow from a pool safety cover can be done using a push broom, roof rake (use caution to not puncture your pool cover), or leaf blower, depending on the amount of snow, pool size, and type of cover. If you use a broom, be sure to use a soft-bristled one to avoid damaging the cover. Start at one end of the cover and gently push the snow towards the opposite end, being careful not to create any holes or tears in the material.

If you use a leaf blower, use it on a low setting and direct the airflow toward the edge of the cover. This will create a small opening that will allow the snow to slide off the cover. Be sure to stand on the ground and not on the cover while using the blower, as this can also cause damage to the cover.

If you have large amounts of snowfall on your pool cover, a roof rake (used to remove snow from your home’s roof) can be used to help get the snow off the cover. I would strongly advise not to rake down to the surface of the cover as the roof rake may cause damage to your pool cover. The best bet would be to use the roof rake to get the top 3/4 of snow off the pool, allowing you to use a soft-bristled push broom. This should significantly help preserve the cover.

If you have not done so already, you should also invest in a pool cover pump which is designed to remove standing water from the top of the pool cover in the spring.

It is important to remove snow from pool safety covers as soon as possible after a snowfall, as the longer the snow sits on the cover, the heavier it will become and the more difficult it will be to remove. Regularly removing snow from the cover throughout the winter season can help ensure that the cover remains in good condition and provides proper safety for your pool.

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